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Break-Up Quotes to Mend your Broken Hearts

Breaking up with the person you love is the hardest part in any relationship. Its the time when you have to say goodbye to everything you thought would last forever. You tend to hold on to the memories that you’ve shared but there’s nothing more you could do now. The best you can do is let go and move on with your life. But that’s really hard, isn’t it? What more painful is you have to start over again like the way it used to be – life before you met that person. Well, you can make it. Just let time heal the wounds so you can be brave enough to love again. If you were able to live many years without that person then you’ll be able to live another more years after he/she left you. The world doesn’t end there.

Cheesy Tagalog Love Quotes and Messages

Cheesy Tagalog Love Quotes and Messages is a collection of cheesy love quotes that you can share to win a person’s heart. Love is something that you can’t see but you can feel it. How magical it is, right? It’s the best feeling that you can have. To love and be loved is something that everyone wishes for and there will be that one person you’ll meet and your life changes forever. And when you have that one, you’d always want to tell the sweetest things and make the world of your own. It’ll be so heartwarming to hear simple lines that can totally sweep off your feet and fill your tummy with butterflies.

Sweet Tagalog Love Quotes and Messages

Sweet Tagalog Love Quotes and Messages is a compilation of sweet love quotes that will brighten up your day and let you feel how wonderful to love and be loved. Love is one of the most amazing things that will come to your life. When you’re in love, you can always draw the sweetest smiles on your lips and got your tummy filled with butterflies. You can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams. And the best thing about being in love is when your special someone utter the words what your heart wishes to hear and knowing your presence and absence both mean something to that person.