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Banat sa mga Babaero

Banat sa mga Babaero is a cool selection of banat lines for womanizers and playboys. What makes a man to be a playboy or a womanizer? Charming, sweet and smooth talker, witty and a game player – these are the traits of this kind of men. Yes, these men know how to play their games and they only want the best option. They know how to make almost any woman feel like she’s the only one for him. Playboys hook up with different girls simultaneously and mastered the moves and the talk to easily attract women. They tend to tell you promises but in reality they’re not going to fulfil them because he’s not going to stay around long enough.

Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi Collection

Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi is a cool compilation of pick-up lines from handsome, good-looking and pretending-to-be handsome guys out there. There so much perks when you are gorgeous, handsome or good-looking and you can’t help but feel flattered. You drive ladies crazy over you filling their minds with fantasies of being lucky to be one of your girlfriends. Some people are born good-looking while some wish they are. But for others, it’s not just physical features that counts but attitude is more important.

Pang-asar na Banat

Pang-asar na Banat and Sarcastic Pick-Up Lines is another compilation of sarcastic quotes and pick-up lines that will either piss you off or make you laugh. You may have been thinking of words to use as an understatement to express your disgust and annoyance with someone or something. Sarcasm is a way of saying something in which what is said is the opposite of what is meant. It can be used in different ways – either to express everything from anger to humor.