Girl Banat features wide collection of quotations, banat, pick-up lines, patama, funny jokes, love stories and famous movie lines to either inspire you, make you laugh or cry, reminisce or sweep off your feet.

Girl Banat encourages readers to share their thoughts and most treasured jars of quotations and sayings, pamatay na banat, patama and love articles with us and will be published with attribution to rightful owner.

Girl Banat would love to see our inspirational, humorous, thought-provoking and special occasion compilations being shared on your Facebook and Twitter timelines.

Have fun reading!

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  1. try natin mag-comment . ehe

  2. ganda nakakarelite ako sa mga qoutes

  3. mahal man kita ngayon pag ka bukas sino ka?

    1. hahaaha

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