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Pamatay na Banat sa mga Kabit at Kerida

We Filipinos value marriage and family. Becoming a mistress to a married man is not something to enter. There are no reasons to engage in an affair. But we cannot blame the reality that all of a sudden, our husband or wife will have an affair. Because if he really loves you, he would not have reasons to look for another one. Check out these “Pamatay na Banat sa mga Kabit, Kerida at Mistress” that you can set as your status if you are currently in a situation of your partner having an affair.

List of Cool Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines

Christmas season has come, and so do the corny and cheesy Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines. Send these Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines to your crush, girlfriend/ boyfriend or to your special someone and let them know how you feel about them. Even if it is Christmas, you can enjoy the “kilig” moment you have experienced during Valentines day. Letting someone know how special they are by sending these pick up lines will make you brigthen your day. Make other’s smile and feel special even if it is just a text message or chat message. So what are you waiting for? Check these out now!

Banat sa mga Babaero

Banat sa mga Babaero is a cool selection of banat lines for womanizers and playboys. What makes a man to be a playboy or a womanizer? Charming, sweet and smooth talker, witty and a game player – these are the traits of this kind of men. Yes, these men know how to play their games and they only want the best option. They know how to make almost any woman feel like she’s the only one for him. Playboys hook up with different girls simultaneously and mastered the moves and the talk to easily attract women. They tend to tell you promises but in reality they’re not going to fulfil them because he’s not going to stay around long enough.