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Tagalog Funny Jokes and Funny Conversations

Tagalog Funny Jokes and Funny Conversations is a great collection of funny jokes and conversations guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. You may have been so stressed in your day to day living, got lots of problems and all you want is to relax and have fun. Laughter is always and indeed the best medicine. We’ve gathered the best selections of funny jokes with just the right tone of raunchy humor and sensible enough to bring you to belly laugh. From practical jokes to a  hit-or-miss ones.

Banat na Pang Diskarte

Banat na Pang Diskarte is a compilation of Filipinos’ unique approaches or strategies to win someone else’s  heart. You can’t help but feel those butterflies in your tummy whenever someone courting you utter his special  “banat” or pick-up lines for you. Smiles draw in your blushing face whenever he tells you metaphor of how much  that admiration blows his head. Have you ever had that experience when suddenly you fell in love with someone  because of his sweet talkings? Well, always remember to be careful in choosing your partner because most people  nowadays fell for the wrong people and regret the days they did.

Tagos Hanggang Buto Love Quotes

Tagos Hanggang Buto Love Quotes is a compilation of quotes and messages that will strike you right through the bone. There are things you wanted to tell somebody. It’s either how much you hate or love that person. Most of the time, we want to utter words to suppress the feeling of wanting someone you know you can’t have but then at the end of the day you just find yourself relating to simple messages from the heart.