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Tagalog Scary Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of us may have been preparing for the trick-or-treats. It’s the time of year where people carve pumpkins, decorating, dress up like their favorite horror movie characters, visiting haunted attractions or throw a costume party. Adults and children around the world celebrate this festival. It is observed on October 31, the eve of the All Saints’ Day which is believed to be originated in the Europe as an ancient Celtic festival.

Ako nga pala si… and Ikaw Ba Si…Quotes

                   Ako nga pala si… and Ikaw Ba Si…Quotes is another collection of banat and pick-up lines that will either sweep off your feet or simply make your day. Pick-up lines have been so popular and became a new wave of expressing someone’s feeling toward the other. And some creative minds have tailored variety of quotes and banat that are now widely used. Ako nga pala si and Ikaw Ba are just one of those.  Browse through these Ako nga pala si… and Ikaw Ba Si…Quotes and share it with your friends:

Aling Dionisia Tagalog Jokes

Aling Dionisia Tagalog Jokes is a collection of jokes about Aling Dionisia. She became famous for having Manny Pacquiao as her son who is a renowned boxing champion. Her popularity has been a subject to funny jokes and humourous lines involving the way she utter words or react to something. And these funny jokes has made their way in the social media networks and mobile world.