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Papa Jack Love Quotes and Sayings

Papa Jack Love Quotes and Sayings is a collection of relatable love quotes from the famous love adviser at midnight – Papa Jack.  John Gemperle in real life, Papa Jack is the modern doctor love in TLC (True Love Confessions) and WC (Wild Confessions) aired at midnight in 90.7 Love Radio. He became popular for his realistic and practical advices about heart problems. He is easily the go-to guy when it comes to love advice. The way he answers his callers’ love concerns can even strike you right through the bone and thoughts will definitely etch in every listener’s mind without losing mix of humour.

Tagalog Emo Quotes

Tagalog Emo Quotes and Emo Messages is another compilation of emo quotes that you can relate on. It really hurts when someone you love and cherish the most will leave you and all you’ve wanted is to make him/her stay. But when the love is not there to stay, would you still hold on? Everything comes and goes and that’s the reality that everyone has to realze. Well, moving on is never easy especially when that person has given you so much to remember. Let time heal the wounds and don’t refrain yourself to love again as it’s the best cure to all the heartaches.

Tagalog Ngongo Jokes

Tagalog Ngongo Jokes is a funny and hilarious collection of jokes uttered in a muffled way. Being a Ngongo (a person who speaks nasally) has become somewhat fun to others. Many funny Ngongo jokes have been popularize not to prank the person with speech defect but to make fun out of it. It’s amazing simple statements written or spoken in muffled way can make you laugh genuinely. And as time passes by, creative minds continue to produce Ngongo humors and anecdotes intended just for entertainment.