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Hugot Lines ng mga Nasaktan at Naka-Move On

Relationship is always associated with pain and moving on. In exchange to the pain and heartaches we have experienced, we divert it into hugot lines that will ease those things that we have felt. Read and send these Hugot Lines ng mga Nasaktan at Naka-Move On to your friends or as a status to your social media accounts, and let others know how you feel.

List of Cool Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines

Christmas season has come, and so do the corny and cheesy Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines. Send these Tagalog Christmas Pick Up and Banat Lines to your crush, girlfriend/ boyfriend or to your special someone and let them know how you feel about them. Even if it is Christmas, you can enjoy the “kilig” moment you have experienced during Valentines day. Letting someone know how special they are by sending these pick up lines will make you brigthen your day. Make other’s smile and feel special even if it is just a text message or chat message. So what are you waiting for? Check these out now!

Tagalog Scary Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of us may have been preparing for the trick-or-treats. It’s the time of year where people carve pumpkins, decorating, dress up like their favorite horror movie characters, visiting haunted attractions or throw a costume party. Adults and children around the world celebrate this festival. It is observed on October 31, the eve of the All Saints’ Day which is believed to be originated in the Europe as an ancient Celtic festival.