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Halloween is just around the corner and a lot of us may have been preparing for the trick-or-treats. It’s the time of year where people carve pumpkins, decorating, dress up like their favorite horror movie characters, visiting haunted attractions or throw a costume party. Adults and children around the world celebrate this festival. It is observed on October 31, the eve of the All Saints’ Day which is believed to be originated in the Europe as an ancient Celtic festival.

Miriam Defensor Santiago Most Memorable Hugot Lines

She’s not your ordinary woman. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is know for being a fearless lawyer and a renowned constitutionalist with countless accomplishments both in her academic and political career. She was one of those who have been aggressively stopping graft and corruption in our country. She fought a good fight. We lost a brave woman who spent almost her entire life to give us an outstanding public service but she left us the legacy of putting up good governance and well-executed legislation.

Most Heartwarming Mothers Day Messages

Today, we feature Most Heartwarming Mothers Day Messages that you can say to the most special woman in your life. When was the last time you spent time with her? She was very thankful the moment she learned that you were already inside her womb. She didn’t mind how you brought her sleepless nights just to make sure you’re safe inside. She carried you for 9 months and is always beside you no matter what happen. She is always there to comfort you and ready to listen to your stories. Understanding and caring, making sure that you get all your needs. You may fall in love and left with broken heart but she feels more pain seeing you cry over a person. Those are the things that our mothers do.